We welcome all parents and guardians to read our admission procedures and request you to kindly complete the enquiry form. Your visit to Vedanya will be a pleasure for us. We would love to show you our friendly spaces and tell you about our vision for the future of our learners and your dearest little ones.

Parent Speaks

We, at Vedanya, believe ourselves to be collaborators in a child's journey through their young lives. Collaborators with their first teachers, their parents. We walk hand in hand with them to realise our children's dreams. Watch our Vedanyan parents share their thoughts, feelings and camaraderie with a school that they happily call their own.

Ishita Mehta

Heena Sehgal

Riddhi Kapoor

Shibani James

Neeraj Hinduja

Ankita Tanwar

Admission Procedure

  • The age eligibility cut-off for Nursery is 3 ½ years as of the 15th of July..
  • All valid and complete applications meeting age criteria will be considered for admission.
  • Submission of the Registration Form itself does not guarantee admission to the school. Admission is granted post verification of documents and payment of fees.
  • Admission confirmation will be communicated in person and via email or including details about fees and the additional documents required to complete the admission process.
  • If the school is unable to offer a place for the applicant due to the unavailability of seats, it will offer a place on its waiting list. In case of any withdrawals of short-listed candidates, the next candidate on the waitlist shall be offered the seat for admission. Placing a child’s name on the waiting list does not guarantee admission.
  • Additional documents will be required from expatriates and foreign nationals.
  • All Parents/Guardians are advised to read the forms and documents related to the application and admission process carefully.
  • The school reserves the right to amend the admission process wherever and whenever considered necessary and appropriate.

* Due to the outbreak of COVID 19 and the pandemic that has ensued, the School may be required to make changes in their methodology of teaching, course material, etc. The primary responsibility of the School is the safety and security of its students and the School will abide by notifications/guidelines intimated by the State of Haryana, the Government of India, and all other relevant authorities from time to time.

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