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Simrin Bakshi, Advisory board

Dr. Shivani Kanodia, PhD

Mentor, Storytelling & Theater

Applied theatre practitioner, consultant and trainer, Shivani is committed to empower people to harness the power of storytelling and applied theatre tools to initiate dialogues, create conversations and make classrooms engaging and joyful.

Arun Chahal

Mentor, Born To Move

With 12+ years of experience as a physical therapist, and a personal trainer, Arun helps young enthusiasts with athletic performance, rehabilitation and movement based training.

Christian Warland, advisory board
Neel Ghose,  advisory board

Deviya Prabhakar

Mentor, Sustainability(SowGood)

The Sow Good Mentor Deviya Prabhakar helps children value nature, other living creatures on the planet and take responsibility of their actions. Sow Good enables them to experience sustainability by various hands-on activities.



The only certified capoeira in Delhi, Shiva provides a unique age and gender agnostic group-based arts and skills programme in an inclusive non-competitive format.

Dr. Alison Buxton, advisory board

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