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Simrin Bakshi, Advisory board


Experience The Wonders of Science!

Ages 3-6: Liliput Laboratory
Children will have the opportunity to engage in creative activities that enhance their fine motor skills and coordination. The activities include DIY projects, backed by stories and themes.

Ages 7-11: Budding Boffins
This program will encourage children's curiosity and exploration of science. Children will learn about scientific wonders and the science in daily life.


Physical Literacy for Active Youths

Physical Literacy for Active Youths programme is suitably designed for physical activity and help children develop coordination, balance, agility, speed, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills while boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

3-6 years
Children will explore animal walk, Running, throwing etc.

7-10 years
Children will explore Catch and throw, LOCO Circuit, Adventure ride etc.

Christian Warland, advisory board
Neel Ghose,  advisory board


Introduce your child to the world of sustainable living with Sow-Good Grow Greens | Learn composting | Creativity with recycled materials

3-6 years
Using ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story, children will learn about sustainability while creating their own caterpillar and garden to take home.

7-10 years
Children will learn about sustainable celebrations, such as using the Japanese technique of Furoshiki to reduce waste in gift packaging.

Expressive Arts

Ages 3-6:
Children will engage in a variety of expressive art projects, including paper crafting, pop art, texture painting, and button art.

Ages 7-10:
Children will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of expressive art projects, including Madhubani art, mosaic art, texture painting, and mirror work.

Dr. Alison Buxton, advisory board
Nigel Green, advisory board

Storytelling and Creative Writing

Ages 3-6:
The variety of stories narrated to children will focus on Children’s imagination, creativity, and language skills.

Ages 7-10:
Children will learn the basics of character development, vocabulary, and scene/setting description, culminating in the creation of a short story.

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