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Our Programmes

The Primary Programme

Age: 3 - 11 years

Nurturing Growth

Learners of the primary programme are brought into a carefully curated environment that intuitively inspires and nurtures them. With a focus on well-being, each learner is encouraged to be compassionate, thoughtful and benevolent.

The Secondary Programme

Age: 11.5 - 16 years

Realizing Goals

Our secondary programme introduces our growing learners to global cultures, experiences and exponential opportunities. This helps them develop a holistic outlook and a palette to enthusiastically absorb multidimensional views. At Vedanya, we foster the process of exploring, engaging and evolving as a person who can comfortably become a part of 'a' universal canvas.

The Senior Programme

Age: 16 - 18 years

Taking Flight

At the senior level our learners are offered a fulfilling academic programme to equip them with all the knowledge, values, and confidence to soar high into the world and achieve their goals; from enrolling in the world’s top universities to finding the perfect fit for fulfilling their personal and academic potential elsewhere. Vedanya’s enabling curriculum focuses on developing critical skills, global learnings, along with ensuring individuality, creativity, and instilling enterprise to fully prepare our learners to accomplish any dream.

Technology enables and supplements continuous reflection. At Vedanya, we research & explore multiple theories & practices before we construct our pedagogical journey. We learn, re-learn and co-learn from experts, peers and thought leaders.

Technology enabled reflections

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Seamless virtual learning

Our curriculum plans, instructions and resource sharing happens through one single platform for the ease of all our learners and parents.

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Student portfolios

All Vedanyans have access to their student portfolio from the very beginning in school, enabling them to collate their thoughts, experiences, and musings in one place and take charge of their personal learning.

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Exhibits of work

Parents at Vedanya have access to their child’s progress, evidence of their child’s work and detailed assessments.

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Just a click away

Transport, Fee Payment, Administrative Communication, News and Events are all managed by one specially curated application to make all interactions safe and a click away.

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