Stimulating settings, open spaces, creative corners - we inspire and shape our learners through many insightful designs. Our environment celebrates creativity, individuality and the spirit of togetherness. The fervent spaces at Vedanya encourage each child and educator to be creative, curious and happy.


Creators' Lab

Combining the mad spirits of art and science, exploration and imagination, our learners are encouraged with colourful paints, cardboard, paper, pegs, 'Makey' boards, and many more innovative tools to bring alive physical and digital examples of their own ideas through colourful paints, cardboard, paper.

Multi-Sensory Resource Library

We want to bring stories alive and instill a meaningful relationship with reading, research and wonder through multiple languages, regional or international. This is done through an integrated audio-visual suite, interactive books and collaborative board games like Scrabble and word games to support peer and individual learning opportunities.


Music and Movement Room

Our learners learn balance, coordination, rhythm and expression through our specialist programmes: Born to Move, Capoeira, Dance and Theatre, pledging a commitment to lifelong physical wellness.


Junior Classrooms

Nursery and KG

Our classrooms are alive with possibilities, sunlight and warmth. From light ateliers to wooden blocks, open seating to personal cushion space, storytelling corners to a pegboard we provide new-age learning with the age-old values of friendship and compassion. A fun pretend-and-play area is accessible to our learners just outside these classrooms to actively foster imagination and role playing in our daily lessons.


Senior Classrooms

Grade 1 to 5

Our classrooms adapt to the educator and the learner, for both individual and collaborative learning. Equipped with an interactive screen, which introduces our day-to-day learning through augmented reality and virtual environments, our learners interact with the latest technology from the get-go. Break-away areas for collaborative performance and practice are accessible right outside these classrooms to encourage friendly interaction, discussions and learning.

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Pretend Play Circles

We foster imagination and creativity at play in our Nursery and KG learners by introducing dress-up and pretend play units like clinic, kitchen, shop, etc. These units are real life caricatures for role plays to suit the age group.

Vedanya Stage

Our learners across ages get an opportunity to present and emote their stories, practice oratory skills to gain confidence by being in the spotlight on the all-accepting stage of Vedanya. Here every presenter is a winner and every parent, an involved part of our celebrations.

Sustainability Sphere

As part of Vedanya’s green initiative, our learners grow and nurture their herb, fruit and flower gardens in a dedicated space and explore socio-emotional bonds and life skills in the process.

Practice and Performance Den

Inspiring free collaboration and thinking, the Practice and Performance Den encourages our learners to put their heads together for joint projects and performances, and freethinking.

Collaborative Learning Corners

Our corridor areas are collaborative spaces equipped with soft seating, bean bags, book racks, encouraging learners to pause, reflect and imagine individually or in cohorts about the world beyond their classrooms.

Indoor Play Pen

Unfit weather shouldn’t stop a fit mind. Area with flexible equipment for climbing, balancing and sensory play; our indoor play area are spaces for Vedanyans to continue indulging in physical activities, even on the days when outdoor is not accessible due to extreme weather or pollution.

Outdoor Playground

Designed ergonomically with natural material for free play, exploration and safe risks, our playground is packed with a plethora of exciting experiences.

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