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It Takes a Learner
to Inspire Another

To inspire a child to be a lifelong learner it takes more than words, promises or ambition, It needs a school that diligently believes in the art and science of learning.

The VEDANYA Experience

Spaces- an inspiring realm

Stimulating settings, open spaces, creative corners - we inspire and shape our learners through many insightful designs.

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Leadership Team
Leadership Team
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Advisory Board

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Vedanya Moments

Teachers Day

Physical Literacy Conference at IHC

Physical Literacy Session for Parents

Physical Literacy Session for Educators


First Day at School

Feb Fiesta 2021

Movers and Shakers 2021

Vedanya Voices with Christopher Doyle

Sudeshna Sengupta at Indian Express Education Summit 2022

Vedanya's Children Literature Festival 2022

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Are You a learner? Let's Find out.

How do we groom leaders for tomorrow?

Let's Build A Legacy Together!

Vedanya presents Capoeira

Our Genesis

Vedanya's Creators' Lab

Storytelling through play

Children's Literature Festival Aftermovie

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Space as a Third Teacher
Farm to Plate Learning Centre

Platinum Rated Building
Creator's Lab | EU Curriculum
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