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Jaspreen Kaur

Primary Programme

Trained and experienced in the field of language learning & development, Jaspreen discovered storytelling and play as magical ways to create ‘special occasions’ in the lives of children. She believes that stories help to heal and celebrate, while ‘play’ is a cathartic experience that frees them to express themselves in their individual styles. These are the gifts she intends to offer in a child’s journey of language learning.

At Vedanya, she provides opportunities for language learning and expression through stories, music and movement, games and more.

Jaspreen Kaur, educator, primary programme
Sharel, Educator , primary programme


Primary Programme

Sharel believes that children are at the center of the learning experience, empowered by dreams, and equipped with skills to become life-long learners. At Vedanya she provides each learner with an educational experience that engenders excellence and an all-round development. Fostering inquiry and empowering students with skills, courage and optimism to pursue their dreams is her passion. At Vedanya, she is building an environment for innovation, academic excellence, creativity, and nurturing values to make learning a fulfilling exercise.

Kanika gaur

Primary Programme

Kanika has an optimistic eye for life and as an educator enjoys to work with students to meet their fullest potential. Kanika’s philosophy stems from the belief that every child is unique, and they learn and thrive at their own pace. Creating stimulating learning environment, incorporating diverse and hands-on materials and helping children to design new educational experiences, are just the few areas in which she excels. Having collaborated with a Japanese school she has acquired skills befitting a global perspective.

At Vedanya, she is working alongside her peer group to develop life-altering traits, novel teaching techniques and leadership qualities, to enhance the collaborative pursuits for the learners.

Kanika Gaur , educator, primary programme
Prof. Baba, educator, capoeria


Primary Programme

Storyteller by passion, Divya strongly believes in Albert Einstein’s thought that “Curiosity is more important than Knowledge.” There can be no better way than stories, to inculcate this curiosity – What will happen next? How? When? As a trained and certified Story and Phonics educator for over 7 years, she has been engaged with ideating, curating and conducting Edu-dramas to ignite creativity and imagination in little hearts. To hone on the innate curiosity to wonder and explore the realm around, Divya loves the world of young minds and hearts. From language skills, and value skills, to empowering children with a thrill to learn, she is excited about new horizons and new destinations at Vedanya. Her journey with several milestones has just begun.


Primary Programme

A passionate Montessorian, a trained learner, Juhi indulges in safe, happy spaces for children to take ownership of their own learning. Experienced in working with young minds during foundation years, she advocates learning through play. For her, a child’s favourite toy is a book. It creates a world of dreams, of rabbit holes and chocolate factories; of the little boy who never grew up and the young girl who became a fairy. At Vedanya, Juhi embarks on holding the tiny fingers of the learners and leading them into an environment of words, colour, ideas and creation. She wishes to ignite curiosity and joy in the hearts of all children, for the road that lies ahead of them.

Shiva, educator, capoeria
Prof. Baba, educator, capoeria

Swati Srivastava

Primary Programme

A spirit of inquiry and curiosity in learning have been the two tenets that Swati has vowed in her teaching- learning journey which is nearly a decade old. Se truly reflects the Vedanya philosophy of being a learner forever as she lives by the adage cited by Benjamin Franklin: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” As a teacher, she advocates the process of learning being more important than just the end result that accrues. The classroom is her space and boundaries are broken in the quest for new truths and dreams. Swati with her positivity and strong family values comes to share these invaluable traits with her peer group and learners. Her penchant for reading and love for music finds a perfect blend in her role as a homeroom teacher for the little ones at Vedanya.

Dhwani Grover

Primary Programme

A certified Montessori teacher, IT professional and a post graduate in Business administration, Dhwani Grover stacks an experience of over 15 years in the field of education. Her natural inclination towards education saw her shift from the corporate to the academic world. Her association with a renowned preschool in Gurgaon, for over a decade, helped in developing her interest areas and enhancing her skills. A learner at heart, she revels in the arena of learning through the play way method and the magic of exploration. Her warm personality has not only been welcoming amongst children but also comforting for first time parents. Her varied interests include helping underprivileged children to learn the rudiments of reading and writing under the aegis of a Gurgaon based NGO. Dhwani derives inspiration from nature. The simple art of growing a plant embodies care, patience and empathy, qualities that she believes every individual needs to nurture. As an educator for the little learners at Vedanya, Dhwani brings in knowledge coupled with fervour in her journey within our happy space.

Shiva, educator, capoeria
Kamalika Guha, educator, music, movement and theatre


Learning Resource Library

Books are special. Each book has a special smell, a unique feel and an exceptional thrill that nothing else has. Ask a librarian and she will tell you that story. Romi, is an eager explorer having moved in and around books for nearly 14 years of her life. She enjoys supporting children in identifying that special book that they are looking for. She thrives in collaborating with teachers to choose that title which provides the thrill of learning. She also revels in curating resources for the academic team to nurture the joy of reading and sharing. At Vedanya, Romi will sustain our Learning Resource Centre and make it a happy, inviting place for all curious minds.


Primary Programme

"Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive; but to be young was very heaven." This Wordsworthian line truly reflects the delight that Medha brings into a classroom full of kids. She loves to be one among them and one for them. With books and colours and paint brushes and clayey fingers she enjoys indulging children to become active learners of their own choosing. With a ready smile and a cheerful face she is beside the children as they pick up new skills or scale up old ones. Patient and soft- spoken Medha brings her youthful spirit to Vedanya Flower Valley to help spread a joy of togetherness in learning.

Pragati Chaswal, educator, sustanability
Pratik Bhatt, educator, creators' lab


Creators Lab

Pratik believes that each child is born with a scientific curiosity and a maker-mindset that can be nurtured into powerful 21st-century skills. Pratik has built his career by doing what he loves: building communities for education and innovation. His academic background as an engineer in Electronics and Computer Science has fostered and driven his deep passion for Science, Technology and Knowledge-sharing.

In a decade-long professional career as an Educator, Entrepreneur and Maker, he has worked in various sectors like Education, AI & Robotics Research, Product & Tech Design, Social Work etc.

In the education sector, he has worked closely with various universities and schools to set up and run Maker & Design Studios across India especially as the Head of Maker Space at the Ahmedabad International School. As the founder and current President of "Bachhpan" NGO, Pratik works against the menace of child labour and is a recipient of the prestigious Jed-i Fellowship.

At Vedanya, he leads various programmes that nurture a child's innate curiosity and maker-mindset.

Arun Chahal

Born to Move

Arun Chahal is a physical therapist and a personal trainer with more than 12 years of experience. He believes, that fitness is just not a goal but a lifestyle. He specializes in movement-based training, TRX, TP Therapy, Dynamax Med Ball and YBELL fitness. As a coach, he helps young enthusiasts develop their athletic performance, rehabilitation and movement-based training. He has trained over 1000 individuals across age groups.

Arun Chahal, educator, born to move
Prof. Baba, educator, capoeria

Prof. Baba


With over 20 years of teaching Capoeira to disciples of all ages, Reza MAssah a.k.a Prof. Baba has founded the Centre for Capoeira India, the first Capoeira Academy in the country, in Mumbai. He initially learnt Capoeira in Israel and later travelled to Brazil, Germany and Russia to master the art form. In Capoeira, Prof. Baba provides a unique age and gender-agnostic group-based fitness, arts and skills programme in an inclusive non-competitive format.



The only certified Capoeira expert in Delhi, Shiva aims not only to impart the knowledge and skill of Capoeira, but also to learn from his students in the process. He provides a unique age and gender-agnostic group-based, arts and skills programme in an inclusive non-competitive format.

Shiva, educator, capoeria
Kamalika Guha, educator, music, movement and theatre

Kamalika Guha

Music, Movement and Theatre

Kamalika comes with a history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. She is not only a strong business development professional with a Master’s degree focused in History from Presidency University, but also a trained Indian Classical Dancer. Having found fame in Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and various other television shows, she now works with children in the field of music, rhythm, movement, dance, and theatre.

Pragati Chaswal


Pragati Chaswal, founder of SowGood Farming in 2017, believes that when learners connect with nature, they learn to appreciate life. It is a learning farm for children, by children.

She has worn many hats as an Ex-advertising professional, urban farmer, dog lover, integral education evangelist, promoter of nature-friendly living and more.

Her passion for farming bloomed when she started growing plants with her son as a simple learning exercise and observed he learnt more by connecting with nature than reading from books.

Through the whole journey of a seed to building farm essentials like chairs, choolah for cooking or huts, she has helped foster qualities like patience, drive, resilience, co-existence, intuition, teamwork and gratitude as first-hand experiences in her innumerable learners over the years.

At Vedanya, she is bringing our vision of sustainability come to life and engage each learner in the process of nurturing ‘Nature’.

Pragati Chaswal, educator, sustanability
Kamalika Guha, educator, music, movement and theatre

Grishma Mota Sharma

Primary Programme

A learner needs wings to fly and roots to be nurtured by the earth, that for Grishma is the belief with which she enjoys learning with her students. She encourages her children to discover their own learning design and to enjoy the process of weaving their experiences into knowledge. In her short but fun-filled journey as a teacher, she has evolved as a person who believes in poems, rhymes, stories, sand play, craft work as effective tools to enhance the teacher-learner relationship, leading to the awareness of one’s potential. She loves laughter and hopes to bring in notes of happiness in all forms of communication into the Vedanya classroom as a homeroom teacher for the primary.

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