Trained and experienced in the field of language learning & development, Jaspreen discovered storytelling and play as magical ways to create ‘special occasions’ in the lives of children. She believes that stories help to heal and celebrate, while ‘play’ is a cathartic experience that frees them to express themselves in their individual styles. These are the gifts she intends to offer in a child’s journey of language learning.

At Vedanya, she provides opportunities for language learning and expression through stories, music and movement, games and more.



Sharel believes that children are at the center of the learning experience, empowered by dreams, and equipped with skills to become life-long learners. At Vedanya she provides each learner with an educational experience that engenders excellence and an all-round development. Fostering inquiry and empowering students with skills, courage and optimism to pursue their dreams is her passion. At Vedanya, she is building an environment for innovation, academic excellence, creativity, and nurturing values to make learning a fulfilling exercise.




Storyteller by passion, Divya strongly believes in Albert Einstein’s thought that “Curiosity is more important than Knowledge.” There can be no better way than stories, to inculcate this curiosity – What will happen next? How? When? As a trained and certified Story and Phonics educator for over 7 years, she has been engaged with ideating, curating and conducting Edu-dramas to ignite creativity and imagination in little hearts. To hone on the innate curiosity to wonder and explore the realm around, Divya loves the world of young minds and hearts. From language skills, and value skills, to empowering children with a thrill to learn, she is excited about new horizons and new destinations at Vedanya. Her journey with several milestones has just begun.



A certified Montessori teacher, IT professional and a post graduate in Business administration, Dhwani Grover stacks an experience of over 15 years in the field of education. Her natural inclination towards education saw her shift from the corporate to the academic world. Her association with a renowned preschool in Gurgaon, for over a decade, helped in developing her interest areas and enhancing her skills. A learner at heart, she revels in the arena of learning through the play way method and the magic of exploration. Her warm personality has not only been welcoming amongst children but also comforting for first time parents. Her varied interests include helping underprivileged children to learn the rudiments of reading and writing under the aegis of a Gurgaon based NGO. Dhwani derives inspiration from nature.

The simple art of growing a plant embodies care, patience and empathy, qualities that she believes every individual needs to nurture. As an educator for the little learners at Vedanya, Dhwani brings in knowledge coupled with fervour in her journey within our happy space.

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Shambhavi switched from being a fingerprint expert to being an educator and has not looked back since then. Vibrant and energetic, she brings in a lot of vitality into her classroom with the learners. Her belief that ‘If a child can’t learn the way we teach, we should teach the way they learn’, is what guides her in her endeavour to create a happy learning atmosphere around. At Vedanya, she enhances language acquisition through expression, creativity, music, and movement



Shivi, a national level archer is also passionate about the arts such as dance, sketching and painting. She has moved to education after her stints with human resources and market research. Being an advocator for child education and rural women empowerment her objective of teaching is to establish that education brings with it a learning, which is the outcome of any practice. We welcome her to Vedanya to share her experiences and embark on new learning. She also brings with her a love for animals, being a rescuer of abandoned pets and strays around the city.



A teacher for the past ten years in various known, unknown, well-known schools around the city, for Aditi a school is the happiest place to be. Her professional journey has been an exciting challenge and here at Vedanya we welcome her to take this excitement further for our learners. Her desire to become a teacher was surprisingly born out of the impediments that she faced as a student. Those unnamed blocks help her to create enjoyable ways to engage learners that foster curiosity, fun, excitement and what follows naturally is learning. Her real delight is to enter the classroom every morning with a new resolve and a new dream to make magic with her children in all that they do together.



In the realm of education, Shruti aims to excel in the convergence of the art and science of learning. She possesses an intrinsic ability to inspire the tender minds of young learners, shaping them into independent thinkers ready to navigate the complexities of our ever-changing world.

In her opinion, education is not just about imparting knowledge, but about nurturing young minds, fostering their curiosity, and empowering them with the skills to solve complex problems. She firmly believes in providing an environment where questions are encouraged and where students are not passive recipients of information but active seekers of understanding.
At Vedanya, she is teaching Maths for all grades.




With an educational background in Psychology and Children-and-Family Cantered Social Work, Merin loves to help children discover their potential and fuel their curiosity. Being an avid reader with a penchant for creative writing, she believes books have immense power in shaping the imagination of children, igniting their creative spark, and encouraging them to be open-minded.



Aruna’s foray into education began right after her schooling in Auroville when she joined Mirambika. She traversed through varied curriculums from progressive to experiential at Heritage to Shikshantar as a pre-primary teacher. Her journey of exploration of various masters like Sri Aurobindo, Krishnamurthy and Steiner helped her realise the importance of the inner growth of a child along with the physical and mental. “Nothing can be taught’, so learners need to develop the love to learn without pressure or imposition. Aruna believes in creating the suitable environment for her learners to enable exploration and experiences to happen.

At Vedanya she is actively involved with the pre-primary and designing the curriculum for a happy learning environment.

Pallavi Mam



Pallavi is an experienced professional with over 7+ years of expertise as an Educator, she is committed to fostering a positive and engaging learning environment for her students. Her primary goal is to inspire and empower her students to reach their full potential, both academically and personally. She also strives to be approachable and empathetic and create a safe space where students feel comfortable asking questions and sharing their thoughts. Pallavi believes that each student has a unique learning style, and hence her teaching should cater to everyone needs. She encourages open discussions, aiming to cultivate a classroom where curiosity is nurtured, and diverse perspectives are celebrated.

At Vedanya, she designs the Hindi curriculum and strives to make it an exciting acquisition for her learners.



A passionate artist, who believes in practical learning and expression of art through emotions, Swati is a creative teacher to the core. Helping learners to give expressions to their thoughts and feelings is her belief and she works with sensitivity to explore all avenues of artistic expressions of such emotions.

At Vedanya, Sweta is building close bonds with the children through artistic hues and powerful images.

Sweta Verma



Deborah is a passionate learner, teacher, and musician. She was one of the founding mentors and the studio manager at Open String Music works. She has been mentoring music learners of all ages from various parts of the world for almost a decade, coordinating with various music exam boards to prepare and register music exam candidates. She has done her graded exams in Popular Vocals and Acoustic Guitar from Rockschool London and Trinity College London, along with various other certifications in music and music education. Additionally, she has completed graduate and postgraduate degrees in Psychology. She brings her knowledge of music and psychology to Vedanya, making each music class lively and enriching.



Pragati Chaswal, founder of SowGood Farming in 2017, believes that when learners connect with nature, they learn to appreciate life. It is a learning farm for children, by children.

She has worn many hats as an Ex-advertising professional, urban farmer, dog lover, integral education evangelist, promoter of nature-friendly living and more.

Her passion for farming bloomed when she started growing plants with her son as a simple learning exercise and observed he learnt more by connecting with nature than reading from books.

Through the whole journey of a seed to building farm essentials like chairs, choolah for cooking or huts, she has helped foster qualities like patience, drive, resilience, co-existence, intuition, teamwork and gratitude as first-hand experiences in her innumerable learners over the years.

Radha Mani



From Bilaspur to Delhi and then to Dubai, Radhamani’s journey as a physical educator spans quite an eclectic mix of experiences. Radhamani is multi-faceted with a masters in Physical Education her core competencies lie in track and field, badminton, team sports and swimming. She has also done a course in lifesaving which adds value as a mentor.

An enthusiastic and energetic teacher, Radhamani strives to bring in physical literacy as we believe at Vedanya, through her balanced and weather- conducive curriculum.