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Shibani James


Shibani is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience across a wide array of sectors. As a professionally trained Sports Physiotherapist, she built her tenure delivering exceptional patient outcomes, mentoring young teams and building a gold standard for the practice through best practices-based thought leadership. Delving deeper in the healthcare space, Shibani introduced one of first few culinary brands in Delhi NCR to offer low-calorie wholesome meals. Through the course of her career, Shibani combined her love and passion for motherhood through CASYL to build a constructive learning aesthetic for kids. Her ideology has been defined through extensive research to provide an atmosphere of holistic learning and development whist ensuring specially curated décor.

Bringing in her entrepreneurial expertise and passion for L&D, Shibani leads the Admissions function at Vedanya along with Ritu, to showcase our brand ethos and services. She narrates the true vision behind Vedanya to build an inclusive community by empowering a new generation of leaders through ‘endless learning’.

Nishchint Chawla, leadership team
Swati Bhardwaj, Mentor, human resources

Sushma Kumari

Parent Relations

With over 12 years of experience as a BPO professional, Sushma brings in a freshness of approach and varied experiences into Vedanya as an administrative professional. Having started her career with Wipro as a sales executive, moving on to NIIT technologies where she was responsible for British customers, she has a strong mastery over effective articulation and usage of language and expression. She has been a part of the Central Park family over the last couple of years before foraying into education where her role explores expertise in communication with prospective parents. Her belief in learning and hard work is ensconced in her very nature, which is the core value of the Vedanya philosophy.

Swati Bhardwaj

Human Resources

As an Administration Coordinator at Vedanya, Swati’s aim is to provide a new dimension to lend seamless support to the entire team. She shall also oversee relationship management with various stakeholders including parents of students and seeks to formulate initiatives which shall ensure healthy engagement and seamless flow of communication with all.

With an extensive education and experience of more than 5 years in Human Capital management across multiple industries like Training, F&B, Infrastructure and Real estate, she has been a keen learner throughout her journey and has imbibed the values of Servitude and Excellence.

A natural leader and self-starter, she represents the dynamic new cadre of young women workers in India. A super-organized, detail-oriented perfectionist, nothing misses her eye.

Swati loves travelling, reading, adventure sports and is always looking for new experiences.

Rahul Sharma  mentor, technology
Sushma, Mentor, human resources

Rahul Sharma


Mr. Rahul Sharma is a Science graduate with MCA. He has three years of experience in the field of Information Technology. He has rendered Desktop IT support to the education team at DPS and Heritage schools at Gurugram. He is also a Diploma holder in Hardware & Networking, thus, easily resolving complex computer network issues.
At Vedanya, he will be responsible for the IT setup with safety, troubleshooting along with CCTV Camera detailing

Fateh Singh


With over 11 years of administration experience, Fateh consistently achieves excellent results and has a proven track record of meeting goals. Renowned for his ability to excel and accomplish challenging tasks, he prioritizes a safe and efficient user experience by implementing security protocols, making programme modifications, creating backups, and resolving issues. His exceptional performance and consistent delivery of excellent results have earned him recognition from management. At Vedanya, he takes charge of information preparation, organization, and storage in both paper and digital formats. He also oversees responsibilities, office space allocation, staff performance evaluation, and provides coaching and guidance for optimal efficiency.

With a passion for effective management and goal achievement, Fateh is aware and committed to providing a safe, creative and nurturing environment at Vedanya, as befitting the ethos and culture of this learning space.

Neeraj  mentor, admin
Swati Bhardwaj, Mentor, human resources

Milky Singh


A Commerce graduate from Delhi University, Milky is proficient in Accountancy with over 8 years of experience. Belonging to a Defense family, she has amassed a lot of varied learnings in her travel across the country, as a student. This has given her the flexibility to understand and adapt to challenging environments, she has found herself in. Being a young mother, the position of the accountant at Vedanya, provides her with an ambience of happy laughter of children and her love of numbers brought together in her workspace..

Sonu Rathee

Safety and Security

Having varied experiences as a security officer with the Aviation, Hospitality and the Commercial industry, Sonu Rathee joins us as the Fire Safety and Security Officer. He is excited about this foray into the field of education, as he finds partnerships and empathy thriving, in such a setting. He is aware of the immense responsibility that lies on him, to provide for a smooth and secure learning environment, to children and their mentors, at all times.

Sonu Rathee mentor, Security
Sanju, Mentor, Caregiver



Sanju is a trained caregiver who brings a lot of compassion and humility to our environment. She has previously worked with Klay for the early years programme and enjoys when children tell her stories.



Meena is a creative soul who is trained in pottery, stitching and knitting. She is our meticulous caregiver with previous experience at Klay.

Meena, Mentor, caregiver
Durgesh, mentor, caregiver



Durgesh is our ever-smiling caregiver, who brings a certain brightness to our school. She has trained in stitching and crochet and loves to explore colours and patterns in her creations.

Dropadi Kumari


Creative Dropadi hails from Jharkhand. Stitching and craft work are her passion. She loves being with children and her kindness is evident in her interactions with everyone around.

Puaulin, mentor, caregiver
Durgesh, mentor, caregiver



Soft spoken Mamta hails from UP. A TV buff, she brings in a lot of expressive story-telling into the classrooms. She displays a natural affinity towards connecting with everyone in the school sphere.



Diligent Laxmi hails from West Bengal. Though shy, her smile and warmth make her an integral part of the classroom. She has an innate talent of creating models, miniatures with any resource or waste available.

Puaulin, mentor, caregiver
Durgesh, mentor, caregiver

Meera Khatun


Cheerful Meera from UP loves music and stitching. She has sung her way into the hearts of the little ones and her humming finds way into the classroom to make it more engaging



Gulshan is a part of our support team and ensures that warm and nutritious meals reach our learners at the right time. He takes care of our pantry and food services and has previously worked with Central Park Resorts.

Puaulin, mentor, caregiver

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